4 New Movies You Have to See in 2017

Fate-of-the-Furious-PosterB2017 will be very good year for those who likes films. There will be a lot of very special and outstanding films, on which we are all looking forward to. In this article I am going to present you 4 films, which are coming out in 2017.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The first one is Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It is coming out on May 26th, 2017. The main star will be again Johnny Depp, who is playing a Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain Salazar wants to kill every pirate at sea, including Jack. In order to survive, Jack must find a legendary artifact called Trident of Poseidon. These artifact is the only thing that can stop Captain Salazar. In these films Orlando Bloom is returning as William Turner. There will also be some characters from previous movie: Scrum (Stephen Grahm), Gibbs (Kevin McNally) and Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). Directors of Pirates of Caribbean 5 are Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. All fans of Pirates of Caribbean are very excited about these movie, so you should not miss it.

2. The Fate of the Furious

The second one is The Fate of the Furious. It is coming out April 14th, 2017. Director of these movie is James Wan. All main characters form previous movie will be in this one too. Dominic Toretto will betray his family and friends and he will join with their new enemy. Old crew will now unite with their old enemy, Dereck Shwa who is locked in the prison. These film will take place in New York.

3. Transformers: The Last Knight

The third one is Transformers: The Last Knight. It is coming out June 23rd, 2017. It is probably going to be the best Sci-Fi film of the year. Leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime is searching in the space for the Quintessons, which are likely to be responsible for the creations of Transformers. Back on Earth Cade Yeager is going to face another alien invasion. These invasion will bring Lennox back in the fight. These film take place in Detroit. Once again, Michael Bay is director of the Transformers.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

And the fourth one is Thor: Ragnarok: It is coming out November 3rd, 2017. The cast is the same as in the all Avengers movies. The main character is Chris Hemsworth, who is playing Thor. So in this film, Thor is going to return in Asgard, when his home will be under attack by Ragnarok. Ragnarok is Norse apocalypse. It is also going to be one of the best movies in 2017. Many fans are really excited about these film, so you should definitely look forward to watch these film when it comes out. The director Taika Waititi is announcing that Thor 3 is going to be the best film that she ever made in her career. I presented just four films to you, which are coming out these year. These year will definitely be filled with very good movies. There are a lot more outstanding films that you should keep an eye on them. But these four films that I presented, are going to be very special and you should make time and go watch them!

18 Most Thrilling Science Fiction Movies of All Time

thrilling action filmsIf you’re into thrilling science fiction movies make sure you keep reading. I’ve listed the 18 most thrilling science fiction movies of all time and given them a rank. Have you seen all of these and do you agree with my ranking? If so, let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below.

1. Nosferatu (1922) dir. F.W. Murnau

Subtitled “A Symphony of Horror”, Nosferatu is a German horror film. An unauthorized version of Dracula, Nosferatu is one of the most influential films to come out of the Silent Era.

2. Metropolis (1927) dir. Fritz Lang

Another highly influential German film of the 1920s, the newer restored version does justice to the fantastic Art Deco sets. Featuring a female robot and a worker’s revolt, this helped define science fiction for the future.

3. Frankenstein (1931) dir. James Whale

Not the first movie based on Mary Shelley’s novel, it’s still the best version. Boris Karloff wanders the countryside as an alienated and sometimes violent monster.

4. The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) dir. Robert Wise

Aliens and spaceships were a common theme of science fiction movies of the 1950s. Klaatu’s warning makes us question the very civilization that the aliens might upend.

5. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) dir. Don Siegel

An allegory made during the “Red Scare”, a time of fear that Communism might pose a threat to democracy, this film asks the question “what if your friends and family were replaced by identical doubles, ones with no emotions or soul?”.

6. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) dir. Stanley Kubrick

Wiping the slate clean, this movie based on Arthur C. Clarke’s book shows artificial intelligence going insane.

7. Alien (1979) dir. Ridley Scott

Launching the careers of Sigourney Weaver and Ridley Scott, this is a horror movie disguised as a western set in deep space.

8. Scanners (1981) dir. David Cronenberg

A Canadian sci fi horror film, the plot revolves around a private security firm which attempts to weaponize people who possess telepathic and telekinetic powers.

9. Blade Runner (1982) dir. Ridley Scott

Cyberpunk meets urban dystopia. Humans and Replicants interact in a visually stunning environment. Where does one end and the other begin?

10. Brazil (1985) dir. Terry Gilliam

Dark comedy mixes with horror in another dystopian environment, it’s been called “probably the best thing to come out of Monty Python after the television series”.

11. The Fly (1986) dir. David Cronenberg

Jeff Goldblum as inventor Seth Brundle tests teleportation equipment. Needless to say, the experiment goes horribly wrong.

12. Predator (1987) dir. John McTiernan

Arnold Schwarzenegger as a commando encounters alien even more bad-ass than he is.

13. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) dir. James Cameron

Schwarzenegger’s second Terminator film, where the Terminator is able to learn instead of just following commands. This is the rare action film which can cause a few tears.

14. Jurassic Park (1993) dir. Steven Spielberg

Humans tampering with nature, without asking first if we should do that or not. Jeff Goldblum runs around shirtless for those who enjoy that kind of thing.

15. The Matrix (1999) dir. the Wachowskis

The culmination of the cyberpunk movies of the 1990s. What is reality?

16. Minority Report (2002) dir. Steven Spielberg

Free will versus determinism – does free will really exist if the future is already known in advance?

17. District 9 (2009) dir. Neill Blomkamp

This film examines humanity, social segregation, and xenophobia.

18. The Martian (2015) dir. Ridley Scott

A brutal film about surviving on a planet other than Earth, an astronaut survives using his wits, cleverness, and ingenuity.


7 Best TV Series You Have to See In 2017

best tv series 2017It looks like 2017 will be a great year in terms of tv series. Below are 6 of them which you absolutely wouldn’t want to miss.

So grab some popcorn, read through this list, and put on your favorite TV show after. You won’t regret it.

1. Sherlock

Oh how long it has been awaited, the last I remember of this was a surprise episode that aired in January 2016. It is three years since the last season of Sherlock aired leaving us watchers on the edge of our seats thirsting for more but now it is back and stronger than ever. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the infamous Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Sherlock’s trusty sidekick, the dynamic duo is back together again, solving crimes that enthrall us all. This is a must watch for 2017!

2. Scandal

As I sit here I can feel the excitement rising up in me just at the thought of this outstanding show coming back for its sixth season. With Kerry Washington as the powerful and scandalous Olivia Pope ,who knows where the plot will takes us? Will Scandal’s fictional election reach drastic heights…You will never know unless you watch it…

3. Game of Thrones

The day I decided to finally give in to the constant commands from my friends to watch this show because it was out of this world, is the day I knew I had made one of the best decisions that could be made in regards to television. With gripping plot twists, incessant power plays, expert writing and so much more,there is nothing this show cannot offer. Season 7 promises to be a shorter but even more intriguing than the last. How is that possible, you ask? Well, that is for you to find out.

4. Empire

With the artful combination of music, family feuds and just drama in general Empire is another series that promises not to disappoint.The continuation of season three brings with it more songs that will entertain and engage you and even more family hatred than ever seen. Starring Taraji. P. Henson as Cookie Lyon:she is intelligent,ruthless,charming and certifiably sane,all at the same time. The entertainment you will receive from her alone will hook and you will never want to let go.

5. House of Cards

As an Emmy and Golden Globe winning drama, there must be something right with it, right? The perfect combination of charismatic characters such as Kevin Spacey played by Frank Underwood, who embodies complete diabolical but quiet menace that is barely noticed underneath his smarmy demeanor, Kevin and many more including Kate Mara and Robin Wright this wealth of
talent is most definitely put to good use.This is certainly a must watch!

6. American Crime Story

Based on a true story, this series takes viewers into one of the most notorious court cases of the 20th century. Taken form the case of OJ Simpson(played by Cuba Gooding jr), the series focuses on the acquittal of OJ,accused of murdering his wife, we are taken through a journey of unwinding truths and surprising discoveries. This hard hitting drama is one you do not want to miss.

7. Hit the Floor

The combination of intense drama, mainly focused on relationships and expert dancing, Hit The Floor guarantees you entertainment to the brink of your hearts desire. A team of dancers know as the Devil Girls, partake in a life full of fame, money, power, which, according to Edward Abbey, is always dangerous. You are in for a journey that you will not regret. The allure of the world the girls face will stick with you and you wont be able to shake it off.

If you’re looking for some other options, make sure you check out this YouTube video as well which lists some good shows to watch in 2017.